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Signed My Name on the Dotted Line

Live at Pete's Candy Store 7/9/2017

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Far East Side serves up a unique blend of jazz, blues, and psychedelia. Led by Jeff Latz on guitar and vocals, the group’s melting pot of influences evokes anachronistic images such as Django Reinhardt digging a couple crates of classic rock records, or John Bonham jamming with all the rappers who sampled his drums in the decades following his death. "I find it more fun to imagine that my music is from another era that never happened, rather than simply call it retro," he quips. "Besides, time is just a social construct.”

Following breakthrough performances at Arlene’s Grocery and the Bitter End, Far East Side's latest release, "Can't Lose Tonight,” solidifies their return to the scene after two years away from the limelight. The usual themes of existential angst and apocalyptic fantasies are complemented by a couple more concrete narratives, as Latz continues to hone his signature sound.